Moto Mundo Maya

A motorcycle tour through Mexico and Central America on some Kawasaki KLR650s. Come along for the ride...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phase 2 May Now Begin

Now that the primary reports have been made about Bike Week on, I can get back to focusing my attention on digesting the greater trip wrapped around the Floridian excursion. I've basically been holding my breathe and hoping not to forget the details from each country, city and dirt road while I produced content on Daytona. Anxiously awaiting my next free moment to pour over the photographs and maps. There's so much that we'd seen, and so much more that we missed!

To help sift through the thousands of image and miles, I just went an purchased my own set of maps and another book on Central American that I didn't have before embarking on this journey. I wanna know more about the stuff I didn't get to stop and check out. I might wanna go back! I know I'll be going back to Mexico; so beautiful... if you can see past the noise pollution and trash.

From here on out, I'm thinking that I'll write a little something on each day we traveled. A recap of the day, written while I scour the image bank for keepers. This will give you all a better look at the trip as well as fill in the gaps where internet coverage was as thin as our free time. :)

Quick spec sheet so far:
Total miles traveled from LAX to PTY - (Panama Aeropuerto) - 4750
Total days riding - 15
Total in highway tolls in Mexico - 75 USD
Total gallons of gas consumed by my laden KLR - 86
Total number of still images shot along the way - 11,407
Number of shampoo bottles traveled each day - 2

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And Now We Sleep For Three Days

Actually, while Jeff and myself left Ken in Panama to deliver the bikes to the dealership, we headed to the airport and then the gold old USA. Two-thirds of the exhausted team are now back on American soil and hearing way too many english words!

Sorry Jeff, for walking away with your camera card, I waited at the customs check-in as long as I could, but had to bolt out. I'll ship it to you if you email me your address. :)

Cheers! What a wild ride!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last day out..... We did it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The costa border, our current hold.

Long day ahead!

We just heard that the costa rica border takes 3 hours to cross. Wish
us luck!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Saturday, so we must be in Nicaragua

The countries are blazing so fast now that I cannot spend it all
before I leave.

So many quatches, so little time!


Finally we found some network in Nicaragua. Ken found this keyboard/
printer combo at the border office. What a wild ride!